Black company

Explore the world of black companies and their secretive practices. Uncover the truth behind these controversial organizations and learn how to protect yourself from their unethical tactics.
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Croaker is one of the central figures of the Black Company during the roughly 40 year period of its history explored in the Books of the North, the Books of the South, and the Books of Glittering Stone. He was established as the Company's primary physician and also its respected Annalist by the time the Company is in service to the Syndic of Beryl, and, he served in these capacities through the Battle of the Barrowland. It is during this period that he first meets the Lady, the empress of…

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In an interview with SF Signal, Glen Cook has confirmed that he is planning to write two more Black Company novels. The first, Port of Shadows, will take place between the first two novels of the original trilogy. He has already done some work on this book (in the form of two short stories which will be expanded into the novel) and will make this his next project once some other existing commitments are met. There will be another book, A Pitiless Rain, which will be set after all the other…

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Requests that I do for Nijisanji EN and you guys!!! Under so much editing, I cringe when I read back and find mistakes (Yes I changed it to Nijisanji EN because I wanna see what you guys will request for the females!) ,ハ,,,ハ (,,・ω・) おはよ〜 〜 。( _ ゚T゚ . ゚ ゚̄

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The Lady (born Dorotea Senjak) was the ruler of much of the northern continent for generations: first, alongside her husband the Dominator for about a century; and later, as empress in her own right. She was an extremely powerful sorceress, a brilliant strategist, and a natural leader. Throughout her time in the north, four major milestones in her life were marked by passages of the supernatural Great Comet. The Lady had a hand in the history of the Black Company for decades, and she would…

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