Bike stand

Discover innovative bike stand ideas to store and display your bicycle in style. Keep your bike organized and easily accessible with these clever and functional solutions.
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Bikes leaning against the wall can quickly lead to a chaotic garage and to damaged bikes. Now you can store your bikes properly and take back your garage space by creating your own bike storage rack. It’s super easy to build from a couple boards, and easy to customize to cradle fat or skinny tires.

Libby Tande
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Here are the plans plus photos from each step. If you’d like them emailed send me a PM with your email address and I’ll send it through. I’ve tried to keep it simple so if anything doesn’t make sense or have other questions please let me know. Any recommendations or alterations are welcome ☺️

Juraj Kocisky
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"90°" is a minimalist bike stand designed to display your bike in a unique way. "90°" is a minimalist bike stand furniture to display your bike. It is the first collaboration between Industrial Designer Felix Poettinger and boutique cycling brand Fingerscrossed.The aesthetic quality of "90°"is an integral aspect of its usefulness.

Gabriel Saá