Big kids playroom

Create a playroom that's perfect for big kids with these fun and functional ideas. Encourage imagination and play with a space designed just for them.
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A sensory room serves as a refuge of comfort and stimulation for children on the autism spectrum. These specially designed spaces offer a secure environment for kids to explore, regulate their sensory experiences, and enhance their overall well-being. To create an effective sensory room, meticulous planning and selecting suitable items are paramount to cater to … 13 Must-Have Items for an Autism Sensory Room Read More »

Angela Taveira-Dick

If I could sum up this project in one word it would be REAL. This is a real family with 6 kids (yes, really), with real toys, real spaces, and real fun. I loved that before I visited for the first time Sarah didn't attempt to tidy up for me – instead she showed me their real life. This is so important to see because it helped me understand how they use the space every day, which allowed me to create systems that would work for them over the long haul. The goal was to create beautiful systems…

Kati Porter