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Ultimate Big Chill is the evolved form of Big Chill. Ultimate Big Chill's wings and 2 antennae's have a red flame red design. He also has a mask-like flame tuft on his face. He can make his wings and antennae fold into a cloak like Big Chill can, which looks no different from Big Chill's cloak, except for being red and orange. His voice is also much deeper than Big Chill's. Ultimate Big Chill can shoot ice from his mouth just like regular Big Chill however, he can also breath fire that can…

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Written by JIM ALEXANDER and EUGENE SON Art by LUCIANO VECCHIO and MIKE BOWDEN Cover by MIKE CAVALLARO When a pair of tiny aliens tries to stake a claim on Earth, Ben and his friends have a hard time taking them seriously. And after taking down an Evo monster rampaging near the beach, Rex and Noah decide it's time to sneak off for fish tacos. But the monster isn't quite done yet!

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Ultimate Big Chill is the non-canonical Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Necrofriggian from the planet Kylmyys in 5 Years Later. Ultimate Big Chill has a similar body to regular Big Chill, albeit with major differences. His legs are now fused into a wispy tail. His torso, arms, and wings are white while his body is black. His mouth is covered in a fur-like coat and there are numerous green eyes underneath his wings along with two wispy tendrils. The evolved Ultimatrix symbol placed…

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Description Name: Big Chill Species: Necrofriggian Home planet: Kylmyss Abilities: Can fly using his wings that use as cloak on land. Blows a strong cryogenic wind. Can be intangible and freeze everything that traspass. Can survive in the vacuum of space and underwater. Has powerful teeth with which can destroy metals. Can resist high and low temperatures.Weaknesses: Is weak to electricity. Can't traspass other intangible beings because the intangibility of both is canceled. Is sensitive…

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