Big bad wolf

Discover the untamed world of the big bad wolf and explore its fascinating characteristics. Learn how this iconic creature has captured the imagination of generations and find out why it continues to captivate us today.
Sarah Moon's Little Red Riding Hood Horror, Vampires, Dark, Creepy, Dark Art, Werewolf Aesthetic, Light And Shadow, Shadow, Hood

These Red Riding Hood photographs by Sarah Moon are so haunting. Many people tend to have a more romanticized notion of a little girl in red skipping through the forest, but these black and white images set in an urban and more modern setting evoke more dread and horror. Apparently Moon modeled her daughter as Little Red for this 1983 book.

Eye Of The Beholder
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Mickey's Fun Fair from 1939 was part of the Pepys card game series produced by Castell Brothers, Ltd. in the UK. The illustrations feature Snow White characters along with ones from the Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Silly Symphonies shorts. Dimensions 2.25" x 3.5". The Snow White cards. Donald Duck is having a good 'ol time on the opposite side. Both a blue and a red-tinted deck were produced. Each deck contains 44 cards, and they were sold two decks (one blue, one red) to a box for a total of…