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Bert and Ernie

Bert is a main character on Sesame Street. He is a yellow person with an orange nose, a unibrow, and a vertical striped shirt. He is serious in doing something right and smart, such as reading books, using important objects, and using his paper clips correctly. He always gets annoyed with Ernie's mischief especially when he plays pranks on him. He, along with fellow Sesame Street characters, appears in the Bill and Aldo's Adventures series films.

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okay so Bert & Ernie aren't real people, but ever since I was 6 years old I can't help but smile when I think of them. Humour, Ice Cream, Laugh, Lol, Tickled, Punny, Mops, Laughter, Haha

Bert and Ernie? How did I ever get into Bert and Ernie and what do they have to do with Twitter? When you have a kid, a lot of things change. And when you love social media as much as me, you start learning lessons from the most surprising of places. Here’s how it started. Every morning my 16-month-old son, Ali Raza, has breakfast. Getting him to sit still is sometimes tricky. Why would he when he could be playing with his Elmo doll? But we’ve found that there is a solution: Play videos of…

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Bert is Ernie's best friend and roommate on Sesame Street. The pair share the basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street. In contrast to the practical-joking, extroverted Ernie, Bert is serious, studious, and tries to make sense of his friend's actions. His own passions include reading Boring Stories, collecting paper clips and bottle caps (especially the rare Figgy Fizz), eating oatmeal, and studying pigeons. While Ernie's best companion outside of Bert is Rubber Duckie, Bert has his pet…

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