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Experience the enchantment of a Bethlehem Christmas with beautiful decorations and cherished traditions. Explore top ideas to bring the spirit of Bethlehem into your holiday celebrations.
A Night In Bethlehem Dinner - Purple Chocolat Home

Welcome to a Night in Bethlehem at Purple Chocolat Home. A few years ago we realized that we wanted to celebrate the birth of Christ on an extra night - separate from presents and Santa, and make it be a celebration of the true meaning of Christmas. The house is prepared by moving the furniture out, and placing additional rugs on the floor as we are going to sit on the rugs with tables elevated on #10 cans. The family all receives an invitation and and when they arrive we greet them in…

Sabrina Williams
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It was a wonderful night in Bethlehem... We had our ward party last night. This is the Christmas party that I had in mind after I did last years ward party. I am so glad that I got to stay around and see my "vision" play out for the evening. Most wards do something like this at least once, but our ward has never done it. It is a huge on taking, but I knew that it could be done. Here is the census area where you signed the census and paid your taxes (can of food) before entering the market…

Amanda Joiner