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I Handmake Costumes From The Lightweight Wearable Porcelain And Stained Glass I Created, Here Are My Best Costume Designs (New Pics) Cosplay, Bodypainting, Costumes, Halloween, Halloween Costumes, Best Costume Design, Cool Costumes, Best Costume, Burlesque Costumes

I have always desired a lightweight, pliable version of porcelain and stained glass, to bring my creations to the next level, so I took it upon myself to create Porcelain 2—my own lightweight wearable porcelain and stained glass.

Amanda Coffino Huffman

Dinner at Eight - Jean Harlow in Gilbert Adrian evening gown I was thinking today that I wish that Gilbert Adrian had been eligible for an academy award for best costume design during the height of his career.. He designed the clothing for over 250 films, but only his last 2, "Rope" and "Lovely to Look At" were made

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