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Explore creative and enchanting crafts and decor ideas inspired by bee wings. Add a touch of nature's beauty to your home with these unique and captivating projects.
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What’s All the Buzz—How Do Bees Fly? Have you ever wondered why you hear bees buzzing? Buzzing is the sound of a bee’s beating wings. Bees have two wings on each side of their body, which are held together with comb-like teeth called hamuli. These teeth allow the two wings to act as one large surface and help the bee create greater lift when flying. Bees have two sets of

Alison_ucla Alison_ucla
Gigantic Blue Morpho wings commissioned by a customer and designed after the real thing. I remember the first time I saw the real version in person at the Bone Room, I was so in love with the metal... Cosplay, Steampunk, Costumes, Halloween, Fairy Dress, Queen Bee Costume, Fairy, Diy Fairy Wings, Fantasy

Description Bzzzzzzzzzzz! I've been a busy bee, with these bee wings that are going to be worn by my customer for a bee festival this next week. These are done in the antique copper film tinted with black and brown. I will be adding these to the new line soon, and plan for a portion of each sale to go to the bee colony collapse syndrome research. Save the bees! *Please note, this image is NOT stock! Do not publish or re-distribute without express written permission. Unfortunately, due to…

The Peony Bunny- Amelia Bankston
Bee Wings

In September 2020 I was told I had a 3cm tumor behind my eye, stage 4 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, and had only a year to live. I started doing everything I could to bring joy to my life, including buying a camera to take up photography. I discovered a passion for capturing nature's precious moments and spent a lot of my time searching and waiting for the next beautiful shot. Being completely present in each moment and capturing the beauty for others to share became my source of joy and a…

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