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Discover the best eye color options to enhance your natural beauty. Find tips and ideas to make your eyes stand out and create a stunning look.
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Before giving direct instructions on choosing the best hair color for hazel eyes we need to define what eyes are actually called “hazel”. Believe us or not, but some women can’t decide if they have hazel or green eyes. Hazel eyes are always multicolored. They are semi-brown, semi-green, and even with some gold bursts in …

Maddie Taryn
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Fingers bending backward, pointy “elf” ears, and freckled eyes may sound like a description of an imaginary superhero, but these are body features of real people who received an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. Sharing photos of their rare beauty, these people prove that we are all unique, like snowflakes, but we’re all equally gorgeous.

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The condition is known as sectoral heterochromia. It means that only a portion (or sector) of the iris of one eye has a different color than the rest of the iris of that eye. The condition is rare and typically doesn’t have any other significant symptoms or problems. But how captivating it is to look at!

Susan R. Smith