Bathroom staging

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with these stylish staging ideas. Create a welcoming space that will leave your guests in awe and make them feel pampered.
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Even beautiful bathrooms need staging. Check out this beautiful bathroom. It has all the hallmarks of a desirable bathroom for buyers. The tile is modern, unique, and luxe. The color palette is neutral. But, believe it or not, it actually had more noticeable drawbacks prior to staging. I am going to show you why staging is so important when you're not only trying to attract buyers, but also wanting to get top dollar for your property.This property actually sat vacant on the market for about…

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The bathroom counter is so important for how your overall bathroom looks! this post shows you 23 simple and easy bathroom tray styling ideas you can easily recreate. These ideas make your bathroom look organized and cute at the same time.

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It is common to see homeowners put a lot of attention into staging the main living areas of the home, but then brush off the bathrooms. This is a big mistake! While spots like the kitchen and living room are definitely very important, so are the bathrooms. Home buyers are going to do a lot…

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The importance of home staging cannot be overstated, but taking professional quality photographs could be even more important. In the internet age, most home shoppers look online first, and they rely on the photo spreads to evaluate each listing and whittle down the list of properties. Below you will find 6 tips to get your…

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Eight years doesn’t sound very long until you realize it’s just two years shy of a decade. I bought my house 8 years ago, new and my primary bathroom was complete with builder grade fixtures, lighting, brown walls, brown ceiling (Yikes!), and travertine tile, as far as the eye could see. She’s been

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