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Learn the best techniques and products to achieve a sparkling clean bath. Discover easy and effective bath cleaning tips to keep your bathroom fresh and inviting.
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EDIT: This post, which started out with about 6 comments from my followers when first posted back in 2012, has now gone viral on Pinterest - as of 2/24/16 it has received well over 5 million views! Insanity. Clearly I am NOT alone in my quest to get rid of the moldy grout. :) I simply shared my story of removing my nasty, embarrassing mold from my window-less bathroom. I am not a contractor, a plumber, or any kind of house expert. I'm just a stay-at-home-mom with a mold problem in her shower…

Ruth Marquardt
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I recently moved into a very old home and inherited a gorgeous claw foot tub. It’s pink, gigantic, and nearly perfect in every way, except for one issue: the porcelain around the drain has been worn away, leaving a very unsightly, uninviting rusty ring in my otherwise dreamy tub. While I have plans to keep this tub around, its not currently in the budget to have it refinished.