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Deliver a heartfelt baptism talk that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Explore inspiring ideas and tips to make this sacred event truly special.
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Here is a talk that I have used when I have spoken at Stake Baptisms for 8 year olds. [Address person being baptized] Do you know that you are just about to participate in your very first saving ordinance and make your very first official promise to Heavenly Father? Today when you are baptized you will promise Heavenly Father that you will do your best to remember and follow Jesus and keep all of His commandments. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that whenever we make a promise to Him…

Marline Crafton
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Update May 2015: Hello Friends! Thanks for visiting my blog and your interest in this Holy Ghost talk. I've had this talk up for almost 5 years and it's still my most visited blog post- thanks! I've been offering the pdf for free, which was fine when I got 2-3 email requests a week, but lately it's been like 80 requests a week and I can barely keep up! To help make up for my time, I'm going to start selling the pdf file for $1.50. Feel free to use my idea or make your own traffic light, but…

Jody Facer
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For our Family Home Evenings lately we've been going through the gospel essentials book to help our daughter be ready for baptism. This past Sunday, the lesson was on the gift of the Holy Ghost, and I pulled out a talk I had given at my nephew's baptism last April. I had a box full of items to help remind us of things pertaining to the Holy Ghost and had the boys being baptized come up and pull something out of the box. Then we would talk about what it represented and I had a scripture or…