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Discover the key strategies to create a strong and impactful bank branding. Enhance your brand image and attract more customers with these proven techniques.
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Huntington, a financial institution that’s always looking out for their customers, needed some fresh thinking to reinvigorate their brand. When their new leadership team approached us, they’d decided to shift away from their illustration-centric design system in favor of a more sophisticated one. Together, we created a fresh and engaging brand identity Huntington was eager to embrace and share with the world.

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Rakbank Bank's logo design blends minimalism and sophistication, with clean lines, negative space, and typography creating a memorable and impactful brand identity. The harmonious color palette reflects our design team's expertise in color theory and graphic design. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to elevate your own branding efforts, Rakbank logo design is a must-see. #logodesign #branding #minimalism #typography #colortheory #graphicdesign #designinspiration

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Nickel: The Allowance that TeachesA new approach to childhood financial education that helps kids learn about money by actually using it. Nickel is a part mobile app and part debit card service that teaches teens make better financial decisionApproach…

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