Bamboo wind chimes

Enhance your outdoor area with the soothing sounds of bamboo wind chimes. Explore top ideas to create a tranquil atmosphere and unwind in your own backyard.
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Most Americans associate this super Eco-friendly plant with the tropics, swaying palms, the crash of waves, a tall cold beverage in hand. Exotic and beautiful, yet ultra relaxing. If you listen, you’ll notice in the background, the woody “tinks” and ‘tonks” of bamboo tubes clattering together in the form of a wind chime, dancing with the sea breezes, grounding and rejuvenating. Vacation… yet it brings you to the now. Ours might look and sound exotic, though they are handmade in Ohio, USA

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I always had the habit of collecting wind chimes right from childhood. I remember collecting money for buying those and stuffing them all in my cupboard, because I used to be scared of mom scolding me for buying such 'unnecessary' things. Of course, as per her 10-15 wind chimes sitting in the cupboard was 'unnecessary'. Lately, I realized that I'm shown as "Chimes" in one of my friends chat list. I was surprised, because I have no clue when I renamed myself to something like that. And what…

Jenny Cochrane
A big natural bamboo wind chime set, handcrafted in USA, featuring pyrography art of moon phases and sunbursts. Nature, Pink, Gardening Supplies, Art, Ohio, Wind Chimes, Diy, Bamboo Wind Chimes, Bamboo

A good bamboo wind chime takes you on vacation! Unpretentious, yet somehow exotic. Carefully hand-crafted from bamboo harvested from our chemical and pesticide free grove in Ohio, USA. Polypropylene braided twine makes it all function, and once the knots are heat sealed, this set of wind chimes will outlast and outperform the imports. Plus it just looks cool. Nothing fancy, no coconut shells or pink flamingos, just a well crafted set of wind chimes, made from all-natural American grass!

Bronwyn Boniface