Bad cooking funny

Prepare to laugh out loud with these hilarious cooking fails. Explore funny kitchen mishaps and epic culinary disasters that will make you feel like a pro chef. Don't miss out on these side-splitting moments in the kitchen!
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Some people are born with a great talent for cooking; others, well, they're glad about the invention of pre-made meals. Even those who are clearly not meant to be five-star home chefs try their hand at cooking at least once in a while. While their attempts make them wish for pizza delivery, their cooking fails surely to make us laugh.

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Picture this, if you will: You and your family gather on Thanksgiving Day, smiles ear-to-ear because you're so happy to all be together. Granddad is at the head of the table as everybody stands around holding hands and takes turns sharing what they are grateful for in their lives. Then, Grandma comes swishing out of the kitchen with a perfectly golden-brown turkey that smells as good as it looks and is the perfect complement to all of the wonderfully prepared sides already waiting on the…