Baby belly

Capture the precious moments of your pregnancy with these adorable baby belly photo ideas. Get inspired and create beautiful memories of this special time in your life.
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When I was 36 weeks pregnant I wanted to recreate this picture from Kelly Hicks Photography. Before whipping out my fancy camera, I thought I'd see if I could get a similar look with my iPhone. And sure enough! With a little bit of work, apps, and an iPhone camera (an outdated 4 at that ;)), this...Read More

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Have a new little one on the way and looking for nursery inspo? Sometimes the nursery is the first thing you plan out when you see that tiny pink line, and other times it’s the last thing you check off your list. Welcoming a new member of the family is incredible, amazing, and also be a

Ivana Mikić
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"You’re as real to me if you make it to 4 weeks than if you make it 40 weeks and in my arms. My love for cannot be quantified by the number of days you’re alive. Because my little secret about you is, I’ve always loved you."

Maria Albarracin