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Discover the vibrant city of Atlanta with our travel tips and ideas. From iconic attractions to hidden gems, plan your perfect trip to Atlanta today.

When you think of cities to go away for the weekend, you may not think of Atlanta. But don’t count it out! Here are five things to do in a weekend away in Atlanta and why you should spend time in ATL.

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As an Atlanta-based travel writer, I absolutely love showing off my city! The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, is a diverse city with lots of history and plenty of fun things to do. If you haven't visited Atlanta, be sure to add this fast growing city to your list. Find out the best things to do

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A Weekend in Atlanta Travel GuideHey there! I'm excited to share this Atlanta, Georgia travel guide! Atlanta is a pretty artsy city which surprised me, but I was obviously *very* happy about it! It is coveredddd in murals and art installations, and they had some unique things to do, so let's get started!! What to

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