Asteroid mining

Explore the exciting world of asteroid mining and discover the top ideas and innovations that are revolutionizing space exploration. Join the mission to unlock the limitless resources of asteroids and shape the future of humanity.
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The topic of space resources and asteroid mining seems to come up more often these days. I wanted to explore what mining an asteroid might look like. How would a machine harvest and separate valuable materials in space? My illustrations imagine a set of excavators that funnel the materials in, and an inflatable debris shield that also helps gather the smaller particles. Constructed in many modular sections, this spacecraft would have a rotating habitat ring providing artificial gravity for…

Czerka asteroid mining facility | Wookieepedia | Fandom Science Fiction, Larp, Adventure Time, Art, Marvel, Futurism, Ideas, Mining, Asteroid Mining

An asteroid mining facility in the Unknown Regions once conducted a thriving ore-processing industry, but Czerka Corporation withdrew funding and support of the facility sometime before the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. The facility, which was built into an asteroid, was abandoned until the year 3643 BBY, when the Sith Valis attempted to capture the Jedi Padawan Kira Carsen at the facility and was defeated by Carsen and her Master. Located in the…

Sharon Jones
ArtStation - Asteroid mining plant 2, ALJER Dark, Dark Star, The Martian, Dark Night, Ghost, Art Reference, City, Abandoned, Sci Fi City

This is a mining plant located on an asteroid around the Kuiper Belt. Since certain particular minerals need to be stored at ultra-low temperature,these mining plants had to be built on the back of the asteroid. There is no sunlight but cold endless dark night with mining machine never stop working. I hope we can communicate with each other frequently!

Micah Shlauter