Asian textiles

Explore the rich and vibrant world of Asian textiles. From intricate patterns to exquisite craftsmanship, find inspiration to incorporate these timeless pieces into your home decor.
Kimono Patterns―Seigaiha (Waves): A pattern depicting the crests of waves|Kateigaho International Japan Edition- Japanese culture, arts, lifestyle magazine Japanese Embroidery, Art, Portraits, Kimono Pattern Design, Kimono Pattern, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Traditional, Japanese Culture, Vintage Japanese

From ancient times, beautiful artistic patterns on kimono have reflected the Japanese people’s delicate senses towards the changing seasons and how social conventions in the country have changed through its history. This week, we will be looking at patterns related to water.

"Japanese Crane kimono style embroidered pattern" Scarf by RaionKeiji | Redbubble Kimonos, Japanese Embroidery, Japanese Quilts, Kimono Pattern Design, Japanese Fabric, Kimono Fabric, Embroidery Kimono, Kimono Pattern, Kimono Design

Full print is visible on the front and reverse Microfiber polyester with a slightly transparent effect Hand wash only. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Scarves may come with a small white border around the hem edge due to the inherent print & construction method of the garment

Jennifer Barlow