Asian noodle salad recipe

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Asian noodle salad recipes that are packed with flavors and textures. Try these recipes and elevate your salad game today.
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This is a super reasy no-cook Noodle Salad with a Tangy Dressing! It’s hearty and super refreshing at the same time. It’s perfect for meal-prep and NO COOKING IS REQUIRED! Talk about a win-win. This is also great for meal-prep and you can add your veggies, herbs, and protein of choice.

Nini Larsen
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During the summer I work a wonderful 4 tens schedule where I get Fridays off. For those 8 weeks Fridays become Sister Pool Days. We eat good food, float, talk, have some DRANKS, float, and talk a little more. Oh, and more dranks too. We try to have food that isn't supper labor intensive. We would rather spend our time doing the things listed above than be tied down in the kitchen. Extra bonus points if the food is refreshing in the sweltering heat of Phoenix. This Cold Asian Noddle salad…

Sonia Dubois Harvey