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Hopefully, you got plenty of tutorials about table manners when you were growing up. But not everyone did. And even if you feel you’ve got the basics of dining etiquette down, it’s always good to get a refresher. Manners elevate even everyday meals, making them feel like special and set-apart occasions. Related Posts Dining Etiquette […]

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There are some foods that are difficult to eat non-awkwardly. They’re hard to pick up with your fork and hard to always get into your mouth in a single clean bite. Salad is one. Pasta, at least of the strand variety, is another. Whether or not you’re pounding your pasta properly may be of little […]

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More companies have been asking their employees to return to the office after a long, pandemic-induced period of working from home. One change this transition brings is not being able to access needed personal items from your household’s ample stock of supplies; you have to import all the things you like to have on hand […]

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Before Steve McQueen’s 18th birthday, he had worked on a farm, joined a circus, sold pens at a traveling carnival, hitchhiked and rode the rails across the country, worked as a lumberjack in Canada, labored on a chain gang in the Deep South (punishment for the crime of vagrancy), served a short (and illegal — […]