Art deco movement

Discover the fascinating history and iconic designs of the Art Deco movement. Immerse yourself in the glamour and elegance of this influential artistic style that emerged in the 1920s.
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Art Deco is a distinctive art style that has influenced many design disciplines, from architecture to visual arts. It’s characterised by cubist style geometric shapes and patterns, combined with a sense of luxury and glamour. In today’s showcase I present 30 brilliant examples of how the art deco movement still inspires designers and artists. See […]

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Art Deco exuberance After the war, between the 20's and 30's, there was an exuberance of style and pursuit of luxury, fueled by woman entering the workforce and lines of credit being available for the first time with the marketing masterstroke in the form of the lay-by. For integration of style elements, there was probably never a more complete symbiosis then that which occurred between architecture, furniture, graphics, fashion and decorative objects in Art Deco. The expanding movie…

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Art deco design style is one of the exceptional trends you can use to encapsulate elegance and sophistication through your designs. Whether it’s a website design or greeting card print, a simple art deco background could make all the difference in giving a high-end luxury look to you...

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