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Nigerian Army Unveils Isotrex Phantom 2 Armoured Personnel Carriers Military, Luxury Cars, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Armored Vehicles, Army Vehicles, Weapons And Gear, Carriers, Luxury Suv, Armor

Nigerian Army unveils Isotrex Phantom 2 armoured personnel carriers (APCs). Photos released on Nigerian social media have revealedat least eight Phantom 2s with other military vehicles preparing for Operation ‘Tura Takaibango’.

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Falcon-APC Armored Personnel Carrier can be deployed for various missions, peace keeping operations and convoy escort.Impressive power and handling make the Falcon equally suited to urban and off-road deployment, the vehicle offers excellent protection against both ballistic and blast threats with crew compartment protection of CEN Level BR6 / BR7 armor in various applications ranging from a battle field ambulance up to a fully armed direct fire vehicle. STREIT Group offers a wide range of…

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