Animal lover

Discover creative ways to express your love for animals and make a positive impact. Explore top ideas to support animal welfare and create a better world for our furry friends.
On a white poster in black script reads 'animals are my people'. Beneath the curved text is a large dog or cat pawprint and inside is a cutout of a human handprint. On either side is a loopy hand drawn heart. Animals Are Better Than People, Animal Rights Tattoo, Animal Lover Quotes, Animal Captions, Lover Poster, Humanity Quotes, Animals Lover, Animal Activism, Animal Symbolism

Animals are greater than humans, it had to be said. Given the choice - animals are my people! Shout it with pride with this animal connection poster. --- This design is also available in other formats including tees and apparel, journals and stickers! Click to see more.

J. Rob Designz