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Explore the vibrant world of Animal Crossing and get to know its memorable characters. Discover the personalities, stories, and interactions of your favorite Animal Crossing characters for an immersive gaming experience.
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“Be that way, you...meanie! You're no prize pig yourself! I am SO not talking to you anymore, bitty!” ― Ketchup, Animal Forest e+ Ketchup (ケチャップ, Kechappu?, Ketchup) is a peppy duck villager in the Animal Crossing series, originally exclusive to Animal Forest e+. She can only move into a village if the player has her e-Card. Her name comes from the food, tomato ketchup, due to her tomato-like appearance. She has the play hobby. She appears on the cover of Steep Hill. Ketchup returned to the…

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“Nothing makes me feel quite as small as I do when I look up at the night sky... It's the worst!” ― Marshal, Pocket Camp Marshal (ジュン, Jun?) is a smug squirrel villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name could possibly be a reference to his marshmallow appearance. His initial phrase may be referring to his frowning expression. He has the music hobby. Marshal is an off-white squirrel with a choppy brown fringe. He has pink blush on his cheeks and his inner ear color is purple. Marshal's…