Amber alert

Learn about the importance of Amber Alerts and how they play a crucial role in quickly locating missing children. Find out how you can be part of this life-saving network.
Quebec Amber Alert Ends As 2 Girls Have Been Found Lifeless Public Transport, Alert, Quebec, Police Force, Olds, Amber Alert, Shit Happens, 2 Girl

It's over. Just over two days after the Carpentiers went missing, triggering an Amber alert in Quebec, two lifeless bodies have been found in a wooded area in Saint-Apollinaire, on the South Shore of Quebec. This area was a primary spot in the search for 43-year-old Martin Carpentier, and his daughters Norah Carpentier, 11, and Romy Carpentier, 6. An SQ spokesperson, Louis-Philippe Bibeau, confirmed to Narcity Québec, that new elements of the investigation led the police force to relocate…

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