Allowance chart

Help your kids learn about money management with these creative allowance chart ideas. Encourage responsibility and financial literacy in a fun and engaging way.
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It's a topic that is debated quite frequently around the mom and family blogosphere. Some people are in the camp that doing chores and household tasks is part of being in the family and therefore don't require compensation. Others believe school is a child's "job" and household chores count as extra work. Then there are beliefs all over in between with every type of combination you could imagine.

Amanda Peters
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My five year old is starting to learn the value of a dollar. Ok, he doesn't realize the value, but he has figured out that it can buy him things! I've known this time was coming and my wheels have been turning on how to allow him to earn money, but stay clear that some chores we do… Read More Kids chore chart to earn money

Anne McCormick