African quilts

Discover the vibrant world of African quilts and be inspired by their unique designs and patterns. Add a touch of culture and color to your home with these stunning quilts.
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Quilter’s Name: Katherine Kohler from Western New York Type of Quilt: Bed Quilt Name of Pattern: Original Design Featured Date: 5-17-23 My name is Katherine Kohler and I lived most of my life in New England. Many of my quilts reflect that colonial design and color. Then I met Heidi, who grew up in a missionary...

Татьяна Шабан
Quilting Quietly: My Second Africa Quilt Quilting Patterns, Quilts, Patchwork, Quilt Blocks, Quilting Designs, Quilting Projects, Quilt Inspiration, Quilt Top, Quilt

My second Africa quilt is finished! I took it with me to California and left it with my capable sister, Deb. I loved making this quilt. I have never made anything like it. I was inspired by Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife quilt. The quilt measures 100+" by 86" and it is on a king sized bed in this picture. I arranged the blocks smallest to largest, but either end can be the top. As you can see, the quilting, which was perfectly done by my hero, Bob at Country Crossroads Quilt Shop, is a geometric…

Sabine Bergdolt