African american literature

Explore the rich and diverse world of African American literature and discover timeless classics and contemporary masterpieces. Immerse yourself in powerful storytelling and gain a deeper understanding of the African American experience.
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18 Must-Read Books, Lot of African and African-American Literature, Diverse Voices Must Haves Description: This collection of 18 books is a must-have for anyone interested in African and African-American literature. It includes a wide variety of genres, from novels to poetry to essays, and it features some of the most important and influential writers of the past and present. Here are some of the books included in the collection: The Big Sea by Langston Hughes: This is a collection of…

Sall Barry
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Drawing from the lives of Ossie Davis, Frantz Fanon, Malcolm X, and W. E. B. Du Bois, as well as his own experience, and fully updated to account for what has transpired since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, Yancy provides an invaluable resource for students and teachers of courses in African American Studies, African American History, Philosophy of Race, and anyone else who wishes to examine what it means to be Black in America.\nFollowing the deaths of Trayvon Martin and other…