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Explore the world of activism art and be inspired to make a difference. Discover top ideas to create impactful artwork that sparks conversations and drives positive change.
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[By Veronica Lawlor in New York City, USA] In the U.S., the days since the American presidential inauguration have been busy times for urban sketchers. Every day it seems that the new president signs another executive order, or nominates another contentious person for cabinet or court, and protests follow. Along with many of my fellow […]

Art For Social Change: Callie is Sticking it To Violence | Plain Jane Activism Street Art, Graffiti, Feminist Art, Design, Queer, Protest Art, Activism Art, Social Justice, Poster

Act #188: Use what you've got. Half way into the 365 Plain Jane Activism project, it finally occurred to me that there are ordinary, every day highly talented people who are trying to change the world through artistic expression. I decided to call attention to the work of these unsung heroes who use art to transform the world. I will be highlighting a lesser known artist, writer, musician, etc. each Sunday. I stumbled across this week's artist from her FabulouslyFeminist Etsy page…

Stephanie Wirt