70s kitchen

Step back in time with these stylish and retro 70s kitchen ideas. Transform your kitchen into a groovy space that captures the essence of the 70s era.
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Inside the 1970s kitchen

After a brief introduction, the Recollection Road channel immediately takes us back to the 70s, starting with a few historical facts about kitchen decor. With homeowners growing tired of plain, solid colors covering their kitchen walls, floral wallpapers quickly caught on at the beginning of the 70s. Offering 1,000s of color and pattern options, these

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70s Kitchen Innovations: Retro Design Ideas for the 21st Century

70s Kitchen Innovations: Bring 21st-century innovation to 70s kitchen design. Picture a space where the past and present merge seamlessly. Explore these ideas on our blog.

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I’m so excited to share my kitchen with you! I’ll get into the details deeper in the post, but this is the only time that I haven’t had to do a giant kitchen renovation in a new house. The biggest challenge was finding elements to update the space while keeping the mid century aesthetic. This …

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Revisiting Retro: Exploring the Enduring Appeal of Vintage Kitchens — Living Bright Interiors

From vibrant color schemes to nostalgic design elements, retro and vintage style kitchens offer a warm invitation to step back in time. These kitchens blend functionality with fun, incorporating both the charm of the past and the conveniences of modern technology. Let’s delve into the characteristic

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Nancy's back to the future pool house - built in 2012, rockin' 1955 - 16 photos - Retro Renovation

Hop into the DeLorean and buckle up, because here’s one of our most retro-fabulous design dream houses yet: Nancy’s pool house — all new, from the ground up — but designed to looked like it’s always been there, since, say, 1955. The kitchen, above, is just the start. This family gathering space also includes a…

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The house that gobsmacked the Vintage Las Vegas historic home tour - Retro Renovation

Bedazzled with turquoise trim, pink flamingos — and sporting a vintage Chrysler Imperial in the driveway — the curb appeal of this midcentury modern house on the recent Las Vegas Home & History Tour only began to hint at the vintage delights inside. An avocado kitchen! Two sputnik lights! Rooms full of mid mod furniture!…

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