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Step back in time with these timeless 60s sitcoms. Rediscover the hilarious characters and memorable moments that will have you laughing out loud. Start binge-watching now!
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Three's Company was a sitcom that ran for the better part of 8 seasons from 1977 until 1984.'Three's Company' Cast: Then & NowThe show's plot revolved around three single roommates: "Janet Wood," "Chrissy Snow," and "Jack Tripper," who all live in an apartment in Santa Monica, California.

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From Mr. Ed to Gilligan, you are truly a student of popular 60s television! You probably remember cramping around your old big-box TV with the family, TV dinners in hand, and being blown away by the new generation of TV shows. These were TV’s beginnings. There was never anything like 60s TV before, and the 60s were the beginning of the TV as we know it today. Now, Share this quiz and let’s share fond memories of 60s TV with your friends. Which of these shows was your favorite? Comment below!

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Actress Erin Murphy enchanted audiences as Tabitha on Bewitched. Fifty years after the show’s debut, she reminisces about her days on set, the show’s popularity and how she herself married a man named Darrin. Please see below for select quotes from the interview with Reminisce: On Bewitched’s enduring popularity: “If something is done well, whether […]

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