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Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of the 30s aesthetic. Explore top ideas to infuse your space with vintage vibes and create a nostalgic atmosphere.
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Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments is hosting a great giveaway. Here is a picture of the goodies (make sure to check it out) I don't normally post on my blog about other bloggers giveaways because I don't write on my blog often and I do not want it to turn into a list of giveaways. But I do post frequently about giveaways on my facebook and twitter. The reason I am posting about this one is because she asked an interesting question... What ten items inspire your vintage journey. I thought…

NYC 1938-2 | Checker taxi cabs on 34th Street. I found Dad's… | Flickr

Checker taxi cabs on 34th Street. I found Dad's diary and he wrote on August 16, 1938: “We swung across town and in a bit were on the Henry Hudson highway leading south. And believe it or not, first thing you know we were once again at the Hotel New Yorker. On the way down, we had a thrill as we passed by a huge ocean liner, all lit up, as it lay at the dock. It was the Normandie.”

Loran von Liebenstein