2nd grade reading group ideas

Discover fun and interactive reading group ideas to enhance the learning experience for 2nd grade students. Foster a love for reading and improve comprehension skills with these creative activities.
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Literacy centers in 2nd grade are a way to achieve engaged meaningful reading instruction with differentiated activities.

Rachel Reed
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Reading Strategy Groups are quick and easy and do not require a lot of work on the teacher's part. Pick your strategy, run copies, gather your students, model, guide and watch your readers blossom! The real reward is seeing your students smile when you say, "Get out your books! It's time for reading!"

Tess Inman
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If you’re new around here, you may not know that I am ALWAYS preaching on and on about managing your time in the classroom efficiently , especially when it comes to centers. This is because I am of the firm belief that centers clear space for the best teaching you can possibly give: small group

Charlotte Reid