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The Art Deco 20th Century Fox logo, designed by landscape artist Emil Kosa, Jr., originated as the 20th Century Pictures logo, with the name "Fox" substituted for "Pictures, Inc." in 1935. Films, Walt Disney, Studio, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Studios, Movie Studio, Film Studio, Henry Thomas, The Twenties

You see these opening logos every time you go to the movies, but have you ever wondered who is the boy on the moon in the DreamWorks logo? Or which mountain inspired the Paramount logo? Or who was the Columbia Torch Lady? Let's find out:1. DreamWorks SKG: Boy on the MoonIn 1994, director Steven Spielberg, Disney studio chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, and record producer David Geffen (yes, they make the initial SKG on the bottom of the logo) got together to found ...

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20th Century Fox Television Distribution did not use an on-screen logo until May 2013. For over 2 months, it had a byline underneath the logo. In June 2013, following News Corporation’s split into News Corp and the now-defunct 21st Century Fox, the byline was removed. In 2020, Disney closed 20th Century Fox Television Distribution with its catalogue moving to Disney Entertainment Distribution. 20th Television 20th Television (original) Disney Entertainment Distribution

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