1940s outfits

Step back in time with these classic 1940s outfits. Discover vintage fashion inspiration and create a timeless retro look that will turn heads.
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The Siren's Call

When I was a super cool early high schooler, my best friend and I would go to the mall every Saturday morning and try on clothes. Luckily, our parents did not spoil us and we often did not have money to buy all the things we tried on, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. It was fun to try on all the clothes and splurge every once in a while on some random piece. Since then, I started wearing vintage, sewing, etc., and the mall no longer holds the same appeal for me. In fact, I rarely go, and when…

Gema Navarrete Miguel
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Get the look

If you’re searching for vintage-inspired style ideas, our Shop The Look collection offers the ultimate inspiration. Whether you’re looking for 50s-style dresses for the party season or cute knitwear for the office, our looks will guide you through some of the most popular vintage styles to complete your wardrobe.

Grace O'Neill
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1940s Skirt History: A-Line Classics to Summer Dirndl Skirts

Skirts have always had a special place in fashion history as both a high and low fashion item. Due to fabric rationing during the war, the 1940s created limited wardrobes for women. The 1940s skirt became not just a casual clothing item, but one that all other wardrobe elements revolved around. They were the foundation