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This whole post just put all my thoughts into words! Thank you! This is what has been on my mind but I haven't known how to explain it!

(sorry for the crappy editing big things are always hard to put together) you know those things that seem wrong but you don't know why but then you see a post like this and it all makes sense?

Hate terms like "real woman" and sayings like "she needs a sandwich." If we didn't spend so much time tearing each other down, think of how we could build each other up.

~~~~ wanna point out that men say that shit too. Basically, whatever your gender is, don't be a shithead and body shame people.

Equality, Feminism

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I honestly feel this on a soulful level. Why does it have to be every man, woman, and child for them self? We should all just be at least tolerant of the things we don't agree with. <<< PREACH IT

it is not inherently your fault that there is injustice in the world, even though you may benefit from it. it is not inherently anyone's fault. anyone who tries to blame an entire group of people for something they can't singlehandedly control is wrong.

We have focused on solely girls for so long I feel like the boys deserve some attention (y'all are great)

Damn right ^-^ OK but the first person cannot be anti feminism pro equality because feminism is just another way to say equality between men and women so basically they're saying anti equality pro equality

Putting it on this board because I don't have any other ones for it to go on…

Feminism is about equality, Misandry is about women being superior to men! Let's go feminism<<<my brother seems to think they're the same thing. Or that all feminists turn into misandrists.