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What about other religions? Are they wrong? Could a creator be so cruel as to let people believe in something that'll lead them to hell...I don't think so, but that's just me.

"There’s peace in understanding that I have only one life, here and now, and I’m responsible.

Dan Barker - http://dailyatheistquote.com/atheist-quotes/2013/06/02/dan-barker/

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. The longer I have been an atheist, the more amazed I am that I ever believed Christian notions.

It's sad that people will accept a preposterous delusion instead of facing an occasional bleak truth

Especially when the truth isn't all that bleak.

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in a quite different world.

.yes it is....very stupid. sigh...oh the wasted years of feeling inadequate but thinking at the same time that i knew it all. wrong. so. very. wrong.

Patton Oswalt Religion Meme: “You gotta respect everyone’s beliefs…? No, you don’t! That’s what gets us in trouble. You have to acknowledge everyone’s beliefs. And reserve the right to go "That is.

Except that the 9/11 story they are telling us is lies!!!! But faith does far more harm than good.

Except that the story they are telling us is lies! But faith does far more harm than good.

LOL god: Good Guy Lucifer frees you

**** DE*conversion Alert **** What single scripture would you use to respond to this? (Let's do this Jesus-style) It is written.