Superfood Recipes

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All our favorite ways to eat some of the most nutritious foods on earth.

smoothie recipes

9 Smoothies for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Good nutrition is key to great skin. These smoothie recipes include brightening, beauty-boosting ingredients like chia seeds, pitaya, kale, cucumber, and more.

pasta recipes

Haile Thomas's Dad Inspired Her To Become the Youngest Health Coach Ever—And This Beet Pasta Recipe

Living Lovely author and certified health coach Haile Thomas shares her beet pasta recipe, inspired by her dad's health journey.

smoothie recipes

Turmeric smoothie: 10 anti-inflammatory recipes | Well+Good

These 10 recipes feature the buzzy turmeric spice and incorporate other superfoods.

breakfast ideas

Add major goddess vibes to your morning with this glow-inducing breakfast bowl

This healthy breakfast recipe will add major goddess vibes to your morning, thanks to a hormone-balancing Green Goddess Dressing from The Well+Good Cookbook.

ina garten recipes

The simple ingredient Ina Garten adds to her roasted carrots to seriously up the flavor

There's a simple ingredient Ina Garten adds to her roasted carrots to seriously up the flavor: some citrus. Here's how to make her recipe.

pumpkin bread recipe

Dairy-Free Pumpkin bread recipe

Check out a roundup of 10 healthy bread recipes, including for sourdough, whole grain, banana nut, zucchini, and sweet potato breads.

fall recipes

This Delicious Fall Salad Will Make You Actually Want To Eat Beets

On the latest episode of "Cook With Us", chef Nyesha Arrington shares her recipe for the perfect fall salad using delicata squash, beets, and more.

anti inflammatory diet recipes

This Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Fried Rice Is a Major Upgrade From Takeout

Between cacao smoothies, miso soup, and turmeric fried rice, this meal plan is inflammation-fighting and easy-to-make.

brunch food ideas

This Easy Smoked Salmon Salad Will Be Your New Favorite Way To Brunch at Home

Looking for an easy (but impressive) dish to whip up for lunch? Check out this easy, flavorful smoked salmon salad recipe from chef Candice Kumai.

chrissy teigen recipes

Chrissy Teigen's Favorite Healthy Snack Couldn't Be Easier to Make

Chrissy Teigen shares her super easy banana chips recipe, giving two ways to make it: sweet or spicy. See how to make her go-to snack!

matcha latte

How To Make Your Own Matcha Latte at Home in Just 5 Minutes

Matcha lattes are delicious, but can be super pricey. Here's how to make a matcha latte at home in minutes using chef Candice Kumai's easy method.

fall recipes

A vegan doughnut recipe using delicata squash | Well+Good

Looking for a healthier dessert option? Try this vegan doughnut recipe using delicata squash as the star ingredient, some nut butter, and wholesome toppings.

pasta salad recipes

This 30-minute kale pasta salad is made for leftovers (that you’ll actually want to eat)

Cookbook author and food writer Klancy Miller whips up this high-protein, high-fiber kale pasta salad recipe that only takes 30 minutes to make.

pasta salad

This Protein-Packed Spicy Noodle Salad Tastes Even Better as Leftovers

Looking for an easy summer dinner? Check out this delicious soba noodle salad recipe from chef Candice Kumai, featuring scallops and lots of spice.

granola recipe

This Delicious, Anti-Inflammatory Granola Will Make Every Breakfast Way Better

If you're bored of your usual oatmeal or eggs breakfast, try this anti-inflammatory, nut-free granola recipe. It's easy and delicious, promise.

sweet potato brownies vegan Avocado Frosting Recipe, Sweet Potato Brownies Vegan, Avocado Brownies, Healthy Chef, Brownie Recipes, Fall Recipes, Gluten Free Recipes, Potatoes, Dishes

Sweet potato brownie with avocado frosting recipe | Well+Good

See the recipe for a mood and energy boosting brownie that is gluten-free, vegan, and low-sugar.