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a wicker basket filled with lots of different types of fruit and veggies
Painted rocks veggies and fruit
a hand holding several different shaped items in it's palm with the words love written on them
flowers are hanging from the side of a brick wall
One last photo of the ribbons, bathed in soft morning like before they come down to make way for the armfuls of flowers and seedheads that are now being harvested or foraged. This weekend I hung nigella flowers and seed heads, quaking grass, alchemilla mollis, daucus carota, ammobium, acrolininum and bluplerum. I can’t wait to create with them later in the year. I have lots of information in my book Everlastings on my favourite things to pick and dry with pages on the details of how to. Out now
a white curtain with flowers hanging from it's side on a wooden deck outside
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an outdoor dining area with flowers and candles hanging from the rafters over the table
nine ceramic magnets with different designs on them sitting on a white tablecloth next to each other
Little charms ready to be made into your favorite pair of earrings!🍓🐟🍴 #etsyshop #earrings #ceramicart #ceramicjewelry #madeinbrooklyn… | Instagram
a drawing of different types of flowers and plants on squares with words written below them
ANNA ☆ ARTIST & ILLUSTRATOR on Instagram: "Another one of my “quilty” illustrations. I think I like the previous ones better but this was still fun to make! Which square is your favorite? ☺️ Swipe for process 👀 (Flashing lights warning⚠️) #procreateillustration #procreateart #procreate #digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #artistsoninstagram #patternart #patterndesign #patternoftheday #quiltart"
some buttons and magnets sitting on top of a white sheet with the words diy clay magnets