Relationship Therapy.

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How can we bring our best selves to the relationships that are most sacred in our lives? These resources are a helpful starting place as well as a helpful returning place. Because relationships are one big life-long practice.

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Behind every criticism is a wish. If I say “I wish,” I have to put myself out there. It means I want something and I can be refused. I can be rejected. I can be not heard. And in a relationship that is not secure, I will defend against that. I don’t want to show you that side of me. So instead of saying what I want, I’ll say what you didn’t do. That’s the criticism. What you didn’t do and what’s wrong with you is safer, in some bizarre way, than to tell you what is special about me and what… Relationship Expert, Relationship Therapy, Relationships, I Don T Want, I Can, Fighting Fair, Things I Want, Things To Come, I Wish I Had

The Knowledge Project #71 — Esther Perel

Relationship and infidelity expert Esther Perel reveals her favorite strategies for “fighting” fair, rewriting stories that damage relationships, and the sec...

Older singles in their and are thumbing their noses at the notion of couple-hood as an expectation—or even a desire. Relationship Therapy, Relationships, Staying Single, Happy Alone, Single People, Passion Project, The New Normal, Body Warmer

Why older singles aren't looking to couple up | Considerable

Single people in their 50s and 60s are thumbing their noses at the notion of couple-hood as an expectation — or even a desire.

Recalibration Protocol - M Take Your Time, Take That, Let It Be, Make A Proposal, Relationship Therapy, Stop Fighting, Stand Up For Yourself, Frame Of Mind, Explain Why

Recalibration Protocol - M | The Couples Clinic

Recalibration Protocol (I have a male partner) 1. CHOOSE (Which way are you going to go?) Which of the following things is most important to you right now? Getting your partner to realize that his thinking or actions are (or were) out of line, or Getting your partner to care about your feelings, seriously consider... Read More

Super helpful mental health tool Relationship Therapy, Best Self, Mental Health, Outdoor Blanket

Wheel of Emotions

Super helpful mental health tool

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Grieving for What We Never Had in Less Than Ideal Families. | Rebelle Society

Grieving is not about blaming, but simply an acknowledging the tragic nature of events. If anger comes up in this process, we shall honor that too.

The Difficult Art of Giving Space in Love: Rilke on Freedom, Togetherness, and the Secret to a Good Marriage – Brain Pickings Good Marriage, Happy Marriage, Hannah Arendt, Kurt Vonnegut, Art Of Love, Praise Songs, Free Printable Calendar, Kahlil Gibran, American Poets

An ABZ of Love: Kurt Vonnegut’s Favorite Vintage Danish Illustrated Guide to Sexuality

From common sense to conjugal bliss, by way of corsets and chivalry.

Our goal at The Gottman Institute is to provide antidotes for the Four Horsemen by teaching couples to effectively manage conflict, enhance positive affect and friendship, and create shared meaning in the relationship. Relationship Therapy, Ending A Relationship, Relationship Repair, Gottman Method, Gottman Institute, John Gottman, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Psicologia

Manage Conflict: The Aftermath of a Fight

In the aftermath of a fight or regrettable incident, you can use the following format to increase understanding between you and your partner.

Attachment and Differentiation in Relationships: An Interview with Ellyn Bader, Ph. Relationship Therapy, Relationships, Differentiation, Best Self, Ph, Interview, Dating, Relationship

Attachment and Differentiation in Relationships: An Interview with Ellyn Bader, Ph.D.

Differentiation requires the risk of being open to growth and being honest not only with your partner, but also with yourself.

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22 Questions to Reignite Love -

22 Questions to Reignite Love - Articles from The School of Life, formally The Book of Life, a gathering of the best ideas around wisdom and emotional intelligence.

How does he behave when he is secretly in love with you, based on the elements of his zodiac sign Letters To My Husband, Love Letters, Dating After Divorce, Marriage, Dating Sites For Professionals, Surprises For Her, Divorce Mediation, Romantic Surprise, Divorce Lawyers

Interdependence Is the Tie That Binds -

Stan Tatkin teaches that the ground-level purpose for pair bonding, other than procreation, is survival—two people bound together by a mutual interest to be safe and secure in the world. Also, he says, you should think of yourselves as being sweethearts.

Exposing the Myth of 'Happy Wife Happy Life' - The Good Men Project Relationship Therapy, The Better Man Project, Happy Wife, Best Self, Marriage, Good Things, Men, Life, Valentines Day Weddings

Exposing the Myth of 'Happy Wife Happy Life' - The Good Men Project

It may seem like a great idea but this myth can have serious implications to a man, and his marriage.

Martha Kauppi on Working with Open Relationships Relationship Therapy, Open Relationship, Relationships, Polyamorous Relationship, Best Self, Couch, Couples, Settee, Sofa

086: Martha Kauppi on Working with Open Relationships | Shane Birkel | The Couples Therapist Couch

There is a growing reality of non-traditional couples who are coming in for relationship therapy. People who are in polyamorous relationships, want to open up their relationship or are among a number of other sexually marginalized populations are looking for guidance. As therapists we might not always know how to work with these types of …