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someone is holding an ice cream sandwich in front of some water and buildings on the other side
Where to Eat in Amsterdam!
Van Stapele Bakery... They make only one thing but it's awesome.
the cover of an amsterdam travel guide with pictures of boats and people walking down it
Amsterdam Travel Guide
Amsterdam Travel Guide
an outdoor seating area with lots of pillows on the floor and tables in front of it
Home - Tempo da Delicadeza
A eclética Anouska Hempel
several boats are parked on the water in front of some buildings
Home - Where They by Paul Barbera
Amsterdam tall and skinny buildings, because you used to pay tax according to the width of your house
a snowy street lined with tall buildings and parked bicycles in front of the storefront
Go Explore / Amsterdam in Winter
EJN | Go Explore | Snowy Amsterdam_0003
an empty city street lined with tall buildings
Amsterdam, Netherlands
two tall buildings with windows and bicycles parked on the sidewalk in front of them, next to a lamp post
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
an empty street lined with tall buildings and parked motor scooters in front of them
Ámsterdam 2013
(5) (Amsterdam) Greenery and architecture, Urban and rural. These are the types of streets my utopia will be filled with.
many buildings are reflected in the water