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Oond : 180 gr C. Smeer en voer 2 ronde koekpanne met bakpapaier. Verhit 1 k water en 5 E kakaopoeier. Koel effe af. Sif 2 k Bruismeel, halwe t sout, voeg dan 2 k suiker by, in mengbak. Roer kakaome…

Heerlike Klam Sjokoladekoek.

Oond : 180 gr C. Verhit 1 k water en 5 E kakaopoeier. Sif 2 k Bruismeel, halwe t sout, voeg dan 2 k suiker by, in mengbak.

Holiday Fruitcake, this is the easiest and delicious fruitcake ever. You should try and I'm sure you will famous because of this recipe!!

Holiday Fruitcake


Tonight I test a recipe from my all-time favorite cook, Ina Garten (aka The Barefoot Contessa) and I also test a new hopefully non-stick non-Teflon pan.

I found this recipe in one of those fundraiser cookbooks someone had given me.  It's a traditional Newfoundland recipe, I think.  I re-arranged the ingredients in the recipe to be easier to follow.  There's alot!

Dark Fruit Cake

This is a very rich, alcohol soaked (optional) Caribbean fruit cake recipe, one that is very popular throughout the Islands. This particular Caribbean Christmas cake recipe is much loved in Barbados. The fruit in this fruit cake is best prepared at.

Easy Christmas Cake Recipe – REAL EPICUREAN

EASY CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE I used whiskey instead of brandy. I also added vanilla essence and extra mixed spice. I did not fold as it was too time consuming. Instead I used my hands to mix everything together.