Hyla Weimann

Hyla Weimann

Welkom, South Africa / I live in Welkom, South Africa with my husband Len. I love Photography, Pottery, Beading, Scrapbooking and the Internet. Skype is my prefered mode of communic
Hyla Weimann
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FYI Grand Lake, Colorado often looks like this in early winter, before the lakes have frozen. An image collection on imgfave

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natureisthegreatestartist: “What’s this? It’s a carnivorous plant called drosophyllum lusitanicum. And those sparkling droplets are actually sweet, sticky secretions that trap insects.

Swan Lake

The Swan," with Yo-Yo Ma. "Le Cygne illustrates the fleeting nature of beauty, with its interpretation of the legend of the "swan song." This piece soothes and calms me.

Welcome to Rediffmail:

Welcome to Rediffmail: Unusual Nature photography of view from a leaf to see Deer, or is that Elk?

ൠ LADYBUG, LADYBUG, FLY AWAY HOME... ൠ ~ Ladybug covered in dew.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Also, it reminds me of both my nano (ladybugs were her favorite) and of LUCK. Ladybugs are a symbol of that. "~ Ladybug covered in dew.

Raindrops and Roses

Sunset dragonfly - by iwan pruvic. Extremely beautiful nature photography of dragonfly sitting on a daisy flower with the sun in Bokeh focus right behind the flower making it and the insect glow.