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a necklace with blue and white porcelain items on it's link, hanging from a chain
four glass bottles are decorated with small cactuses and pineapples in them, along with other decorative items
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nine ceramic magnets with different designs on them sitting on a white tablecloth next to each other
Little charms ready to be made into your favorite pair of earrings!🍓🐟🍴 #etsyshop #earrings #ceramicart #ceramicjewelry #madeinbrooklyn… | Instagram
twelve heart shaped ceramic ornaments are displayed on a white sheet with the words i love you
valentine’s day ceramic pendants! 💌💖 I think I’ve improved a lot from my last ceramics run because aren’t these sooo cute !! They’re all… | Instagram
there are many miniature items in the hand
Juice Ceramics on Instagram: "Tiny ceramics are the best ceramics 🤓"
a bunch of different types of buttons on a white wall in the shape of a heart
Handmade and painted clay magnets
there are many small ceramic items on the table and one has a name tag that says butter
Juice Ceramics on Instagram: "Tiny ceramic objects in a bowl 🌟🫶🏼"
many decorated cookies are arranged on a table
a person holding several small magnets in their hand
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