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You should chase your dreams! Trample them!...but not in like an obsessive creepy obsession...awkward

Never giving up on your dreams mean you will need to ride hard some time, that takes a good horse, and a determined heart. Good luck horse lovers and chase your dreams!

Ezzy loves stunt riding and excels at gymnastics....

Pablo is a paint pony gelding. 7 years old. I bought him at the auction!

Haley said she wanted to do gymnastics...i want her to ride horses...so compromise?!

Haley said she wanted to do gymnastics.i want her to ride horses.so compromise?

Horse/equestrian vaulting- I remember when I first learned this one:))

Circus Horses, Come And See, Wonderful Horses www.horse Circus Show Horses


Need to get away from the world? This private, rustic bungalow located in Sullivan County, New York is handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood and, with no water or electricity, will let you live totally off the grid.

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