Humeira Osman
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Share an ice cream with someone special. Not sure if I have ever shared an ice cream with anyone before.

bucket list

LOVE that this is what I will be doing with my husband Mitchell for the rest of my life Travel around the world with someone I love. [Your Bucket List.

bucket list

Before i die i want to go shopping every day for a week. My dream wish

Before ι Dιe

Since I was around the age of playing with barbies in beautiful dresses I've been dreaming about weddings and weddingdresses. Now it's coming closer I am more nervous and excited then ever. (JUST POP THE QUESTION!

Bucket list: feel great in a swimsuit.

I suppose there was a time I did feel good in a swimsuit. Now it's a new goal since my body is so different after having a baby

bucket list.

Watch the sunset/sunrise with someone I live. [Preferably, on the beach.

It's not the wedding that matters anyways, it's the marriage.

Have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. I think some people get married for only the wedding and not the marriage. I hope my marriage will be one to be envied!