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blood type diet - AB

Eating right for your blood type ~ AB Blood Grouping Infographic. I need a new blood type!

Diet according to blood type AB

Blood type AB is relatively young and rare, it’s only in population.Some features are similar to blood type A and blood type B,and that is why some food habits.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Mug Cake made in a Minute!

When you have a chocolate craving, look no further than satisfying it with this 1 minute sugar-free chocolate cake!

low carb cinnabons, there are 2 recipes listed, the first uses whey protein, but the second uses coconut flour and almond flour so it's gluten free

Low-Carb Cinnabons - oh Yum! OPTION 2 (softer and easier to roll out): 3 eggs cup butter or coconut oil, softened cup erythritol (or Just Like Sugar) 1 tsp stevia glycerite cup coconut flour cup blanched almond flour tsp aluminu