Beetroot Chutney

Hulett's Recipe for Beetroot Chutney that pairs well with cheese and cold meat dishes!

Best Ever Homemade Mustard

Homemade Mustard, Kitchen Recipes, Grid, Dry Rubs, Easy Cooking, African, Pantry, Pickles, Dressings

Chilli and Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam, Preserve, Kitchen Recipes, Chutney, Pickle, Syrup, Jars, Jelly, Pantry

Raspberry Jam

Here is a recipe to make a good homemade Raspberry jam that is quick and easy to make. Perfect to spread over some toast for breakfast.

Mediterranean Chutney

Hulett's Recipe for Mediterranean Chutney which has a spicy flavour and can be served with bread and cheese or even with a pasta dish.

Tropical Smoothie | Huletts Sugar

Tropical Smoothie

Enjoy delicious treats with no bitter aftertaste!

Kiwi Passion Fruit Syrup

Hulett's Recipe for Kiwi Passion Fruit Syrup the healthy way to create your own juice concentrate.